YouTube Video Gallery for WordPress

Prepare your website to show YouTube videos in the best possible way. YouTube Gallery is a powerful WordPress plugin for creating a YouTube video gallery that deserves your site. It allows you to select the right channels and even individual videos to create your own playlist right on your web site.

The plugin has 100+ customizable options, 4 color schemes and support for 16 languages. In short, you get a ton of things to tweak. The YouTube Gallery plugin for WordPress is fully responsive so that you can reach a wide audience of users.

Features of the YouTube Gallery WordPress plugin:


  • Just attach your professional profile or organize it with the list of desired videos
  • Anyone can display any YouTube channel in the Youtube gallery plugin on the WordPress website and publish as much content you want.
  • Add a widget to stream YouTube videos using various combinations of channels, playlists and individual recordings.
  • Just paste the URL of the required source.
  • Sort your videos by one of the 6 available order fields: date, views, likes, dislikes, position, comments
  • Show YouTube videos in random order
  • Determine how long data from specified sources will be cached in the browser


  • Split content into user groups
  • Unlimited sources in each group
  • Name each group


  • Set the width of your YouTube gallery
  • Retina responsive design and support
  • Choose the number of columns and rows in the YouTube video gallery WordPress


  • Show or hide the title of your video gallery.
  • Customize the appearance of the full header.
  • Choose one of three header layouts in your youtube player like Accent, Minimal, Classic
  • 8 elements of information for switching on / off: logo, banner, name and description of the channel, record count, subscriber count, view count, “Subscribe” button
  • Add YouTube channel name
  • Insert an individual description of the selected profile
  • Select a custom youtube channel logo by entering its URL
  • Finally paste the custom header URL


  • 3 controls to simplify pagination in YouTube WordPress widgets for the website: arrows, scrolling, dragging
  • On On / off Free video gallery scroll mode
  • There are many effects are available in this plugin like slide, fade, cover, cube, flip
  • Adjust the speed of the slip animation.
  • Set the vertical or horizonatl scroll direction in the YouTube WordPress embed plugin
  • Specify the time to automatically start the video using the auto option
  • Adjust the size of the grid depending on the width of the window
  • YouTube plugin supports 16 languages


  • 8 pieces of information for on / off: play icon, duration, name, date, description, view counter, hit count, comment count
  • Choose one of 3 ways to view videos: in a pop-up window, in a WP widget and directly on YouTube


  • Autoplay on / off when popup opens
  • 12 information elements for on / off: name, account logo and its name, “Subscribe” button, view counter, Likes counter, Undesirable counter, Like, Date, Description, Description more "," Comments "


  • Choose any color for your YouTube headlines, groups, content and pop-up gallery on your website.
  • The plugin has customizable colors and 60 user interface elements.
  • Don't want to waste time drawing a WP gallery? Use one of the ready-made color styles. Styles: default, dark, red and navy


  • Feel the convenience of using the new user interface of the administrator when setting up the plugin
  • Use the features of the online designer to edit the parameters of viewing, previewing and getting special html-code
  • Use the plugin with one of the most popular page builders for WordPress - Visual Composer.
  • Visual Composer elements are available to customize the plugin.

Responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin

WordPress gallery plugin helps to showcase your images and videos online. Here are the three easy steps to create your wordpress video gallery.


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