10 WordPress Youtube Plugins

When people are looking for WordPress YouTube plugins , the truth is that most of the time you search for a video player.Each YouTube video resides on its own page with WordPress comments enabled. YouTube video pages are automatically created when you insert the YouTube VIDEO ID on the video page.YouTube Video ID is a 11 character string that YouTube uses to uniquely identify each video.

But there are several interesting wordpress YouTube plugins you might need if you do not already know them.

In this article, we’ll list plugin 10, allowing you to get statistics of your videos on your dashboard.

Best wordpress youtube plugins

1.YouTube Analytics:

The wordpress youTube plugins Analytics helps you to import your YouTube account statistics so they are visible in your WordPress dashboard. You can see how many times a video was viewed, the number of minutes it was viewed, the average time spent on a video, the number of likes «E» dislike

2. Video thumbnails:

This WordPress Youtube Plugin works with YouTube, but also with many sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Justin.tv and much more.Using video thumbnail quality option for videos, you can change the dimensions of thumbnails offered by YouTube

3. WP SEO Video:

The wordpress youtube plugin WP Video SEO gives you the permission to  create a Sitemap of your videos, including YouTube videos. It also provides a search engine for video thumbnails.

Wordpress youtube plugins

4. WP Video Lightbox

The WordPress Youtube plugins WP Video Lightbox comes with a number of controls, such as display a title, resize, read automatically and more.

5. YouTube Button Subscribe

The plugin YouTube’s Subscribe button, lets visitors subscribe to your YouTube channel directly from your blog. It’s simple but also potentially very powerful if you stand out in creating YouTube videos.

6. YouTube Widget Responsive: 

The YouTube plugin wordpress Widget Responsive plugin allows you to embed a responsive YouTube video into your sidebar. It comes with many options such as the ability. Here are some steps to follow during youtube widget responsive plugins.

-start and stop whenever you want

-control subtitles

-hide the progress bar

-choose the theme and color of the progress bar

-enable or disable controls

-hides the logo

7. White Label shortcode YouTube:

The White Label shortcode wordpress youtube plugin, YouTube allows you to take control of what is displayed in a YouTube video embedded in your blog. You can control: the YouTube logo, video height and width, autoplay, video definition (HD or not), captions, auto resize, and more.

8. YouTube Upload Widget:

The plugin YouTube Upload Widget puts a new option in your visual editor that allows you to upload videos from your YouTube account to the WordPress admin area and also browse YouTube videos from the WordPress admin area and enter them easily into an article.

9. WP YouTube Lyte:

The YouTube plugin WordPress Lyte plugin, Improve the upload speed of your YouTube videos embedded in articles. All this to improve the loading speed of your pages. For visitors, everything will be the same, but behind the scenes the Flash player or HTML5 player will only be called when the user clicks on the video.

10. Hide related YouTube videos:

The Hide YouTube plugin – Related Videos WordPress, does exactly what you think. It hides similar videos that are displayed when the video ends playing. Instead, it gives the player three options: play the video, «Liker,» the video, or share the video.

We hope this little walk is interesting for you. These are the best youtube plugin for wordpress. If you use other WordPress plugins to add or manage YouTube videos we do not mention in this list. Let us know by leaving a comment in the section reserved for them.