7 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins

Now we will see some of the best WordPress YouTube plugins for WordPress. wordpress youtube plugin

The wordpress youtube plugins are listed below:

1- YouTube Channel Gallery:

The YouTube Gallery channel is a very simple but powerful wordpress youtube plugin, designed to show the latest videos from a YouTube channel with several customization options such as only miniature, thumbnail with the description, etc. You can use the short codes to view videos in the widgets .

Most important features:

  • Show latest YouTube videos in the playlist.
  • Supports version 3 of the YouTube data API.
  • Switch to the HTML5 player in compatible mobile browsers.
  • You can use multiple instances of the plugin on the same page.
wordpress youtube plugin

2- Sensible YouTube and Vimeo Video Lightbox:

Sensible YouTube and Vimeo Video Lightbox is a lightweight plugin let you to embed YouTube videos and Vimeo video Lightbox emerges with the help of a short code.

The plugin supports automatic playback and the ability to include custom subtitles. It can also be used in widget zones in WordPress due to the support of short code.

Most important features:

  • YouTube and Vimeo are supported in Lightbox.
  • Support short code and widget areas.
  • Automatic playback and custom subtitle features.

3- YouTube Insert WordPress :

YouTube Insert WordPress brings you tons of improvements and customization options when embedding YouTube videos into WordPress.

By using this wordpress youtube plugins you can monetize your youtube videos in your blog. To start, you can embed videos in emails, pages and custom shipment types.

Most important characteristics

  • Presentation videos in messages, pages, personalized delivery types and widget areas.
  • Set the default options such as player dimensions, full screen, annotations and subtitle options.
  • Customize the color player of the progress bar for brand consistency.

4- YouTube Subscriber :

YouTube Subscriber is another lighter version of the plugin in terms of functionality. This plugin simply generates a Subscribe Now CTA for a YouTube channel. It does so using a short code and therefore, can be used in any widget area on the website.

5- Yottie (Premium):

Are you looking for an extremely powerful and feature-rich plugin to build YouTube galleries for your WordPress site? Yottie is one of the best options available and contains everything you can ask for. You can easily import from any source, be it a video, a playlist or even a channel. It is all very easy to use and requires absolutely no amount of coding. This youtube plugin wordpress also has many amazing designs and playback modes to choose from. You will also have access to more than 100 adjustable parameters, 4 color schemes and 16 languages.

For this plugin, there are no limits when it comes to customization. It comes with 5 predefined skins but the customization does not end there. You can manually set the colors for all the different elements yourself. This WordPress plugin for YouTube has also been optimized to work well with Google Adsense . As a result, the monetization of your site will be a breeze. To make matters worse, the plugin also comes with the guarantee of live updates , as well as premium support.

Key features:

  • Highly customizable
  • Ultra sensitive galleries
  • Comply with GDPR
  • Import videos, channels and playlists
  • Ready ad
  • Dedicated support with automatic updates

6- Essential Grid Gallery youtube plugin (Premium)

When it comes to creating video galleries that look clean and elegant, there are very few plugins that can match the Essential Grid Gallery. With this best youtube plugin for wordpress you can present YouTube videos in a way that appeals to your visitors. You can choose from a series of skins and different designs to easily build beautiful galleries. However, people looking for a unique look can use the extensive customization options that are available. The fantastic Visual Skin Editorallows you to create and customize your own skins with great ease. It will also look amazing on all devices, regardless of the size of the screen. You can even import and export skins if you wish.

The plugin comes with a lot of features to make your galleries feel much more animated. There are many animations , and preloaders to spice up your site. It also comes with built advanced of sorting and filtering to further improve things. Despite the tons of features available, this plugin still manages to maintain a user interface that is easy to use and clean. It will be difficult to find a plugin that can present video galleries with a great capacity for response.

Key features:

  • Provisions in box, full width and full screen
  • Rows / columns / adjustable spaces
  • Various types of animation and preloaders
  • Examples of well-designed skins available in youtube plugin for wordpress
  • Responsiveness and optimized mobility
  • Visual Skin Editor to create and customize skins