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10 WordPress Youtube Plugins
June 26, 2019
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The Best YouTube Plugin For WordPress
June 27, 2019

Best YouTube Gallery Plugins

youtube gallery plugins

Youtube gallery plugins -There exists a general rule that if in case your site has more than two to four videos, you need to display all the videos on a page of the WordPress site. Here you need to analyse about Youtube gallery plugin. By using it you can display all the videos of your wordpress site on a single page. Here are some youtube gallery wordpress plugins explained,

1. Youtube gallery plugins-YotuWP Video Gallery (Free):

If Anyone is looking for a  responsive and flexible plugin for the Youtube gallery wordpress video  should visit the YotuWP Video Gallery. WP youtube gallery plugins allows you to easily import YouTube videos to your WordPress site. Not only is it compatible with individual videos, but it also allows you to import from playlists, channels or even from usernames. Not only that, videos are also very sensitive and will work well on all devices. 

This amazing plugin also has many other features that help make importing video galleries much more convenient. It comes with an easy-to-use Direct Access Code Generator that guarantees compatibility with Page Builder plugins . There are different styles of thumbnails to choose from to better suit the type of content. In addition, this wordpress youtube gallery plugins also uses the Google API along with caching to provide the best possible performance.Below I have mentioned the key features of yotu WP video gallery

youtube gallery plugins

Key features:

-It allows to embed channels and complete playlists.

-Highly customizable design

-Supports popup / lightbox / modal with thumbnails

-High response capacity

-Compatibility with the creators of pages through Shortcode Generator

-Lots of style settings

2) Youtube gallery plugins-Youtube Showcase (Free):

When showing beautiful video galleries, the Youtube Showcase is one of the finest free youtube gallery plugins that exist. With this amazing plugin, you will be able to build beautiful and receptive youtube gallery in a matter of minutes. The plugin can automatically configure a wp youtube gallery plugin page for you after installation. It has been designed to be super intuitive to use, even for people without technical knowledge. However, it also has a ton of detailed documentation , if you are confused about any step.

Although it is easy to use, Youtube Showcase still has many interesting features. You can choose between showing videos through a youtube gallery or using a grid. Both options are designed to have an attractive appearance and a great responsiveness. You can even use your sidebar to promote videos. You can set the video resolution, the automatic playback, as well as a custom extract of the videos. It also allows you to add tags and categories to videos so your viewers can easily categorize them.Here are some key features youtube showcase:

Key features:

-An automatic configuration that builds all the necessary pages

-Manual extracts

-Video galleries with great responsiveness

-Flexible abbreviated codes

-Categories and Labels for videos

-Choose between the Gallery view and the grid view

How to add videos in Gallery of Youtube videos for WordPress: 

Adding or inserting videos in WordPress Youtube gallery plugin is very simple, nowadays it is not even necessary to insert the code provided by Youtube itself but simply insert the url of the video so that the video is automatically generated.

There are many video Youtube gallery plugins for WordPress, and in many cases we not only want to show a video but we also want a YouTube Video Gallery for WordPress in particular widget or section  on our website. Try the plugins that I have listed above, it will be very useful for you if you really want youtube gallery for your videos.

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