The Best YouTube Plugin For WordPress

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June 27, 2019
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June 28, 2019

The Best YouTube Plugin For WordPress

youtube plugin for wordpress

In this article, I’ll show you the best youtube plugin for wordpress that connect the YouTube channel to the WordPress blog, eliminating the need to manually embed the videos.

Why should I do extra work and also fill a blog with content, if I have already put all the information in my videos? Very simple. Because this does not necessarily make more work and can provide more visitors through the organic search on Google. Videos are also rarely linked. If they are interesting, they are simply integrated via the corresponding code. Good articles are also linked to other sites, so that better positions are reached by backlinks, which in turn provide new visitors to the blog, through which they also come back into the YouTube plugin for wordpress channel.

Finally we come to the plugins, with which individual videos, playlists and entire channels can be integrated into the website. The subscribe button can also be placed anywhere so that visitors can be reminded of it again and again. Before the first youtube plugin for wordpress is installed and tested, an API key must be created. This requires a Google Account. Here are 5 steps:

  1. Go to the Google Developer Console
  2. If you have already created projects, it will usually start in the last opened project. Change therefore over the menu to the IAM & administration. Click 
  3. Create All Projects and Project and enter a name for the project.
  4. You will now automatically be in the library of all APIs. There you click on YouTube Data API and activate the API.
  5. Now Google requires access data to be created. So tap on the corresponding button and fill in the few fields. In the same window you already get the API key that most plugins need.

YouTube Plugin For WordPress

YouTube Embed Plus:

The first wordpress youtube plugin in my test offers the full program. Individual videos can be integrated into articles via shortcodes. In the same way, complete playlists can be displayed. For individual categories can then always show the matching videos at the same time. If you like it completely, you can also display the entire channel. I have decided on this variant so that the visitor does not even have to leave my blog.


Basically, this youtube plugin for wordpress can already be used with the basic settings. Only an API key needs to be created via Google. This is required to access the data. Individual videos can now be easily inserted into articles.

To include a playlist, just copy a video URL from this list. For a channel, it can be any video of your own. The selection window for integration can be accessed via a new button in the WordPress editor.

Individual Furnishings:

Numerous checkboxes can be used to switch parameters on or off. However, these are only basic settings such as autostart, number of videos in the gallery or distance of the thumbnails. To change the look, you have to create a hand over CSS or buy the Pro version. In this, the styling can be fully adapted.

Also in the free version this youtube plugin for wordpress is completely responsive. From where the layout should change, can be specified in the settings. The standard is 767 pixels. Widgets for the sidebar are unfortunately not offered. For example, the corresponding shortcode must be integrated into a text widget.

youtube plugin for wordpress

YouTube Channel:

This plugin shows a list of videos. Which are, can be specified both in the global settings of the youtube plugin for wordpress or in the embed code. The display is without further formatting. That is, a video is ranked next to the next.


This wordpress youtube plugins also requires an API key. In addition to the key, the channel ID (not the entire URL) must also be entered. All other parameters are optional. The visual WordPress Editor now has a small button that can be used to integrate videos and feeds. These can be channels, playlists or even favorites. All values ​​from the global settings can be entered here. If you leave a field empty, then the youtube plugin for wordpress takes over the global setting.

Individual Adaptation:

With a few clicks, this plugin is unfortunately nothing. Formatting can only be done via CSS. Knowledge in this area are therefore a prerequisite if you want to use this plugin.

Youtube Channel Gallery:
The result of this youtube plugin wordpress looks very nice and can still be adjusted by CSS. First and foremost, however, widgets are offered here. Articles or pages have minimal support. After installing the plugin, you literally stand like the ox in front of the mountains.


There are no settings for this plugins. An additional button in the editor is also missing. At first you might think the youtube plugin for wordpress was not installed correctly. However, if you go into the design settings for widgets, then you quickly see that a lot of parameters can be entered. However, if you want to create a page that displays the channel, you must create the shortcode yourself. In the support forum questions in this respect in the void. Only if the youtube plugin for wordpress is loaded as a zip file, you will find a readme file, in which the parameters of the shortcut are explained.

Individual Adaptation:

As a widget, this youtube plugin can be easily adjusted with just a few clicks. In an article or a page, the poorly written shortcode makes it a little harder. Without CSS knowledge you will not get too far.


I would like to have introduced even more best youtube plugin for wordpress. But unfortunately, most of them offer only the embedding of individual videos. But basically, you do not need a plugin for that. Some of the tested plugins had nice features, but they only existed on paper. After the installation, either only a white page or the whole blog could not be called due to an error 500. So, in the end, the 3 plugins presented here were left over. Even though I liked the look of the third plugin (Youtube Channel Gallery) the most, my final choice was YouTube Embed Plus. What I did not like about the presentation can easily be fixed by CSS. But then I also have a subscription button, which can provide more subscribers.

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