Youtube Plugin For WordPress 2019

For now, we do not think anyone needs to tell anyone what YouTube is. It has been the largest video hosting site for quite some time and it will not disappear in the near future. Below I have mentioned some Best Youtube Plugin for WordPress.

It has taken root in popular consciousness at this point. For many, the very concept of online video hosting has become synonymous with wordpress YouTube plugin.

lthough it is possible to host videos in WordPress, YouTube is still the main option for most and it helps to monetize your youtube videos in your blog. If you own a WordPress site and want to include YouTube content on your site, then you’re in luck. Let’s help you find the perfect youtube plugin wordpress.

With these plugins, you can easily make sure that YouTube videos will work perfectly with your wordpress site.

3 Main Youtube Plugins for WordPress

1) WP YouTube Lyte (Free)

WP YouTube Lyte is a fantastic WordPress YouTube plugins that allows you to easily insert YouTube videos into your WordPress site. Although they look like normal videos, this plugin allows LazyLoad your videos in a certain sense. It will only call the heavy YouTube player when it clicks on it. As a result, video rendering is much faster even when there are multiple videos on the same page. WP YouTube Lyte also comes with a number of options to modify the look and play of the player. You can set the size of the player , choose to force HD and set where the thumbnails are stored.

With WP YouTube Lyte, your incrustations will be very sensitive and will also support the micro data of video Object . It also allows you to add a link for an entire Youtube playlist . In addition, this plugin is also multi lingual and supports several different languages. The maximum compatibility between browsers has also been tested .

Key features:

  • High responsive inlays
  • Support for video Object microdata
  • Multi language
  • Compatibility between browsers
  • Highly efficient performance
  • HD Force

2) ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder (Free)

ARVE Advanced Responsive Embedder is one of the most powerful and flexible plugins in its class. It is ultra sensitive, so your video will work incredibly regardless of the size of the screen. With this plugin, you can configure the custom title, descriptions and load data for the markup . Everything comes together to ensure good SEO for your website. You can also deactivate the videos related to the end so that your visitors do not pass to other content.

To make things even better, ARVE also supports sensitive CSS inlays , instead of the usual JavaScript ones. It is also surprisingly easy to use, despite being feature rich. You can intuitively configure video alignment, auto start, maximum width and even a custom aspect ratio. In addition, everything is presented with WYSIWYG support . You will no longer have to waste your time with previews. This Youtube Plugin for wordpress has also been designed to be as discreet as possible.

youtube plugin

Key features:

  • Suitable for SEO
  • Supports the marking of
  • Support WYSIWYG
  • Powerful Shortcodes available
  • Sensitive inlays with CSS
  • Highly intuitive use

3) WP YouTube Hub (Premium)

If you want a powerful plugin beyond all the above options, you may want to invest in a premium plugin like WP YouTube Hub . Unlike others, this YouTube plugin WordPress chooses to focus on being highly effective in its main task and avoids the unnecessary swelling of unnecessary features. You can easily import from YouTube searches , channels, playlists, etc. to WordPress posts. With this plugin, you will not even have to worry about manually entering the title, category, labels, etc. It will automatically fill them out for you. With all care, it will save you a lot of time.

The objective of this plugin is to ensure that everything is automated for your convenience. You can configure the plugin to automatically import YouTube videos at specific intervals and in specific quantities . As a result, it is possible to synchronize your WordPress site with a YouTube channel. You can even create playlists on your site to show videos effectively. Being a premium plugin, you will have access to dedicated support, automatic updates and very detailed documentation.

Key features:

  • Import of bulk video
  • Automatically scheduled imports
  • Suitable for SEO
  • Use the YouTube data API v3
  • Friendly to the touch
  • Video design and playlists with responsiveness