Youtube Widget For Responsive (Free)

If you’re looking for a way to add YouTube videos to your sidebar, you do not need to look beyond YouTube Responsive Widget . With this wordpress youtube widget, you can use custom youtube widget to embed videos with zero problems. In addition, there are also easy to use shortcuts that allow you to insert videos into your messages and pages. The videos embedded using this plugin will also support video Object fields , to make things even better. As a result, your SEO performance will improve dramatically.

YouTube Responsive Widget is also surprisingly flexible and comes with many useful features. You can choose the theme of the the color of the progress bar ,the control bar,, the visibility of the YouTube logo and much more. In fact, you will even select the time at which the video starts, if it starts quietly and if it shows suggested videos at the end. With this plugin, you can also enable tracking of your videos for analytical purposes and also you can monetize your youtube videos in your blog.

Key features:

  • Customize the control and progress bars.
  • Choose the minutes and seconds of start and end of the video
  • Loop mode
  • Privacy mode
  • Subscribe button
  • Supports marking schemes for good SEO

About how to embed your youtube widget on your wordpress site

If you have a youtube page or any youtube channel, and if you have your company’s video content, and finally if you want to feed these videos on your site then you can use the youtube widgets. It displays all your youtube videos, It combines with your twitter or facebook social media for to feed the video on the website.

youtube widget

Customize and Design Your Video Wall

  1. Design – You can choose the column number, background or font colors.
  2. Moderate – Highlight videos and also hide videos
  3. Aggregate the Youtube updates and also add other feeds – Vine, Dailymotion, Twitter or Facebook on the social wall.

Steps to create the youtube widget and also to embed Youtube widget on your site:

  • First add the Youtube pages on the Dialogfeed platform.
  • Next paste the code (embed code) in your site. Now the Youtube widget wordpress is live and video feed are also live.


Responsive youtube widget and shortcode are used to embed the youtube video in the sidebar or even in the visual composer or in your content, below are some available options to choose youtube widget for blogger.

Various options that you can choose from youtube widget:

  • Can choose the video duration  
  • Automatically hides video progress bar
  • Can choose theme of the controls bar
  • Automatically On/Off the subtitles
  • Show controls bar or not
  • Can choose color for the progress bar
  • Enable fullscreen – On/Off
  • Loop mode
  • Mute video – On/Off
  • Automatically start video
  • Hide title – On/Off
  • Hides YouTube logo
  • Enable Privacy Mode
  • Can set max-width
  • YouTube Button subscribe
  • Enables suggested videos
  • Tracking playing for each video on analytics event
  • Write description below the video

Here Are Some Benefits Of A YouTube Widget:

You can display your YouTube videos in one, simple beautiful feed, but that’s not all! Juicer is jam-packed with a bunch of cool options.

It is important to display the youtube videos in single page, and it has to look great on your website. Not only this, there are also some other options that many youtube widget wordpress plugins do.

Present Social Content

Nothing sells a potential customer faster on doing business with you than social proof. Genuine customer-generated content lets people in on others’ experiences with your company, products, and services. Juicer not only curates your social media posts, but any posts or mentions of your brand as well.

Moderate and Filter Your Social Wall

Juicer lets you display what customers are saying about your brand, but let’s be honest, it might not always be content you want others to see. Juicer’s Medium plan provides full moderation and customization features so you have complete control over what’s displayed on your feed.

Aggregate Social Posts

Juicer’s Small (always free) plan allows you to add two social media sources (i.e. YouTube and Facebook), but if you’re a super social person you may want to add 10 more! Juicer integrates with up to 18 different social media platforms so you have many options to choose from. Check out pricing for all our plans for a complete list of sources, and find the option that’s the best fit for you.