Youtube Widget Subscription WordPress

Youtube widget subscription-New youtube widget like image, video widgets,improved text widgets as well as audio is present in WordPress 4.8. I was confused about how should I add YouTube widget for videos to the new wordpress video widget.So if you are facing the problem like me, then these tips can benefit you.

How to add youtube widget videos to the new wordpress video widget

You will see an add a new video button ,when you first open a new wordpress video widget. By clicking on that button a media library will open, through that you should upload a video.Can’t I use a wordpress youtube widget video?

If you look at the left side of add video window, then you can click the insert from URL.

In the box you can copy and paste your youtube widget wordpress video URL.Then click on to add to widget button which is at the right side bottom of the window.

Youtube widget with video is used in the wordpres

The video settings adjustments:

There are some unwanted features when you enter the Youtube widget video’s URL in the box.The unwanted features are: 

  • When your video finishes it shows suggested videos.
  • The player controls are shown
  • Video title and player actions are shown

Modify the video output:

There is another way to for adding URL that is you can modify your URL by adding a query string at the end of the original URL.

Click on the share button if you want to get the query string below your video. Then, also click on Embed tab in the box that will open below.

Now you will be able to see a preview of your youtube widget video and few boxes below that.If you do not want to apply for your embedded video then uncheck the boxes in the wordpress video widget.

Next you will find an iframe embed code,where you will see a section like this src=”….”

After that section there will be a question mark. Copy all after the question mark, and before the enst double quote.The value will change depending on the boxes you checked.

You need three things to insert into the URL box

 The youtube widget wordpress video’s URL. It can be taken from your browser’s address bar and not from the iframe embed code. Sometimes you will get an error when you use the URL from the embed code and it will not identify the video format  Then you can also type an ampersand (&) after the URL in youtube widget video.Then copy the embed code and paste the query string.

That’s all!! Now you will be clear about adding the wordpress youtube widget  video to the new wordpress video widget on your site.